Matthew & Alyssa - Simple

Mattthew and Alyssa did not think they had a story that could be told in song.  During the interview, they kept apologizing, because they thought their story was "boring."  What they didn't realize, was that I was picking out wonderful images and anecdotes from what they were telling me.  Like the paper cranes Alyssa was making to decorate the wedding.  Or the bicycle Matthew bought her as an engagement present.

Here's what they had to say...

"Our story didn't seem super exciting or that it would make for good lyrics material, but Brian was able to pull some really special moments out of it. We liked how Brian was able to combine the history of our relationship with elements from the wedding."

"What a great way to have a first dance song that can really be 'our' song, since it's written specifically about us. We didn't really have 'our' song, we weren't thrilled with choosing one that thousands of other couples had already used."

"Everyone we've talked to who was at the wedding mentioned the first dance song and how sweet it was. It went a long way in helping shape the personality of the event."

Photo by Brud Giles 
CD and lyric sheet photos by emily g photography