Imagine if your wedding song were truly yours. A unique song, written and recorded just for you, to celebrate your special day. A song that no other couple can use, and that you can enjoy for the rest of your lives together.  That is what I offer with Tailor Made Music. I will create a song that tells your story and celebrates everything that is special about your relationship.

I started this service with weddings in mind, but any special occasion that you have coming up can be made even more memorable with a custom song. Anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions… you name it. Maybe you have a small business or charitable organization that could benefit from having its own theme song. I can tailor a piece of music to suit your unique needs.

Here’s how it works…

We would start with a personal interview. This is our chance to get together, so that you can share your story with me. It will be a fun, relaxed conversation where I will learn what I need to know about you as a couple in order to write your song. If you are not in the Portland area, we can do this via Skype.

Then I get to work writing. The creative process is unpredictable, so it’s hard to put an exact timeline on it, but expect this to take 6-8 weeks. When I am close to having the song finished, we will get together once again and I will play it for you. This will be your chance to give me feedback and let me know if there are any changes you’d like me to make and we can discuss what you want the recording to sound like.

Next, I head over to Fremont Recording - a professional studio in Portland - to record your song.  The recording will be professionally mastered to ensure the highest possible audio quality.  Also, I will ask you to provide me with some pictures of the two of you together, which I will use to create a personalized CD cover and lyric sheet.

Prior to your wedding day, you will receive three copies of your beautiful personalized CD and lyric sheet.  On that CD will be a high-quality recording of a song written just for you.  At your wedding, you will get to dance to your very own Tailor Made song.
Photo by Brud Giles&nbsp; <br />CD and lyric sheet photos by emily g photography

Photo by Brud Giles 
CD and lyric sheet photos by emily g photography


For an additional fee, I can come to your wedding and perform the song live.  You can order additional copies of the CD and lyric sheet as gifts for your guests.  (I will also make a link available, so they can go online and purchase copies themselves if preferred.)  You can also order a beautiful custom wall plaque, like the one shown above.

Let's talk...

If this sounds like something you'd love to add to your wedding experience, then let's get the conversation started.  The personal interview I mentioned above is free.  That way, you can get to know me a little as well, and make sure this idea is right for you.  I can answer any questions you have and go over pricing options.  E
-mail me at or call me at 503-593-8082, so we can set up a time to talk.

I can't wait to hear from you and get started on your very own Tailor Made Song!